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Feel free to attach sample data to the contact form if you expect that to help us in understanding the practical details of the project.

You can anonymize the data if you are concerned about privacy in any way. However make sure that the sample data is representative in terms of the type of data that you have.


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Don’t worry that your job is too:

Small – we can learn from new problems
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In some cases we will consider pro bono work.

Our Team

As a team, Paul and Thijs have worked on many projects throughout the years, given courses in Machine Learning throughout Europe and won National science quizzes, …multiple times.

Paul Wilmott


Paul Wilmott is a mathematician, author and financial consultant, specializing in derivatives, risk management and quantitative finance. He has written over 100 research articles on finance and mathematics. 

Paul Wilmott has been called “cult derivatives lecturer” (Financial Times), “the smartest of the quants, he may be the only smart quant” (Portfolio magazine), “the finance industry’s Mozart” (Sunday Business) “financial mathematics guru” (BBC) and “arguably the most influential quant today’” (Newsweek).

Paul is the proprietor of, the popular quantitative finance community website, and the quant magazine Wilmott. He is the creator of the Certificate in Quantitative Finance,, and the President of the CQF Institute, Paul is one of the authors of the Financial Modelers’ Manifesto.

Thijs van den Berg


Thijs van den Berg is an Machine Learning and Quantitative Finance modelling consultant working for asset managers, trading firms, banks pension funds, government and many energy firms throughout Europe.

Outside finance Thijs is researching novel Deep Learning algorithms that enhance the real-time analysis of scientific data streams that are thousands of times bigger than all global financial data streams combined.

In the past Thijs has worked in various roles ranging from being a successful option trader on the exchange floor, to being head of the modelling and research department at a large European energy trading firm.

Thijs ranked in the top 0.5% at Kaggle, a platform where AI coders compete on projects, often with financial rewards. He’s also a contributor to the highly acclaimed open-source Boost C++ libraries.


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